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The Care Mobile

We believe that when you change a child s life, you change a family s, which can change a community, and ultimately the world.

Even today many Latvian children, especially in rural areas, lack access to primary medical care. In addition to needing regular medical check-ups, there is the risk that diseases and conditions are not being diagnosed and treated early enough, or at all. With both acute and chronic diseases, the effects are often felt for the rest of a person s life. The RMHC Latvija Mobile Health Care Center (Care Mobile) provides free medical services for children in Latvia in partnership with the Children’s University Hospital (BKUS).

The Care Mobile program has the advantage of the ability to transform and expand the existing range of services, by offering specialist care, which takes into account the most urgent needs. The team is adapting to identified community needs and will continue to expand and change as necessary.

The Care Mobile itself is a 12 m long, 2.4 m wide, and state-of-the-art vehicle built for delivering pediatric health care. It has two examination rooms (one of them is an eye clinic), a reception and a video education corner; it is completely self-sufficient with a generator and its own water supply. Every diagnosis is registered into the data base that helps us to do statistics on most common diagnoses. Almost every place Care Mobile visits repeatedly both to follow up the health status and to give a consultation to other children. The local family doctor is responsible for the treatment and monitoring.

Do parents have to pay for our services? 

For a child under the age of 18 years, exams do not cost a cent. Nor is it necessary to get a referral through a family practitioner. However, we would appreciate if any information on the child s health status would be provided. This would facilitate the work of our specialist diagnostic tests and save time as well. And please, please bring any official document that verifies the child s identity (personal code).

How many children can the Care Mobile support?

The length of time needed for a patient visit 15 – 20 minutes and  one specialist may take 20 children in a day. It is important to us that every child receives a full and high-quality medical examination, and therefore remember that our doctors work by prior arrangement. Ask your family doctor, nurse or social worker if you would like an appointment.