Get involved


RMHC Latvija is a registered charity. And as with the most charities we depend on donations.

To provide free healthcare to children all over Latvia, we need your support. We have developed many ways in which you can help, from spreading our message on social networks, to becoming part of our select group of corporate sponsors.

On average, to provide full Care Mobile program activities 185 000 Euro are needed each year. As of today, our Care Mobile program has invested more than 1 850 000 Euros in healthcare for Latvian children.

You can support our mission by making a donations.

  • through our homepage – DONATE ;
  • by bank transfer to foundation’s Swedbank account ;
  • making donations in PayPal platform to RMHC Latvija account – @RMHCLatvija2022;
  • making donation in donation boxes and self-service kiosks at McDonald’s restaurants in Latvia;
  • purchasing Happy Meal set at McDonald’s restaurants in Latvia. EUR 0,02 from each set is diverted to support our organisation;
  • making donation in donation boxes in ATU Duty Free shops at Riga International Airport and in other locations.