Rimi launches campaign for the Care Mobile

From June 19th, Rimi will launch a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the Care Mobile, so that we can continue to travel to the children in Latvia’s rural regions and provide medical consultations to those children who need it most.

The campaign will take place from June 19th till the 30th, and every Rimi customer will be able to donate money in the donation boxes located at the cash registers at Rimi stores throughout Latvia. Customers can also donate their ‘My Rimi’ card savings.

We’ve been providing medical care for ten years, and we see that the demand for our services is consistently in high demand. Our work is highly valued by parents and family doctors, especially in rural areas, where there is a lack of pediatricians and where families often struggle to travel to Riga in order to access a doctor. Therefore, public involvement is crucial in order to help us to do our job and to improve the health of Latvian children.

Together we can do more!