27×3 Riga Marathon, come and join us!

Each of the 27 countries that will host a marathon will have one or more selected beneficiaries of the funds raised by that country and RMHC Latvia is Latvia’s designated charity! Charities are selected by the organisers in collaboration with Ferrero representatives from that country. 75% of the funds raised in that country will STAY in that country and go to that local charity. The remaining 25% will go towards Inspire as the organisation responsible for this event.

We have a small team of runners in Latvia, please join us and participate in this record-breaking event! You don’t have to run the whole marathon, you can join for a ‘fun run’ distance or even bike alongside. The goal is to participate and promote health and awareness!

Name: The Riga Marathon
Start Address or meeting point: 11.Novembera Embankment
Date: 14th Sep 2011

Estimated Start Time: 7:00 am [please follow the event on Twitter or Facebook for last minute changes]

Finish address: 11.Novembera Embankment

Estimated Finish Time: 12:00 pm

Fun Run start: At 11.Novembra Embankment

Riga Marathon route




[runners can join at any point]

Expected running pace: 6min/km or 10km/hr [Please follow twitter or facebook for expected pace]

General T&Cs

Participants join the event at their own risk as this is not a formal race. The roads are open and sidewalk running is expected. Entry is free but donations are welcome to help a local charity. Fun run can be walked or run but only children under 12 can cycle if the sidewalk allows it. The start times will vary on traffic and any vehicle trouble that Nathan may encounter. Please sign up to our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the latest details.  No water stops provided so please bring your own.