World, I want to be happy!

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A new school year has started. Some have started to attend school, some began kindergarten. A new environment, new experiences, and a new workload. This all influences a child’s nervous system. And not only that, the trend in Latvia is that the percentage of healthy kids is decreasing! Our specialists and other experts have the view that this negative trend is caused by general environmental factors, the overall health situation of the parents, lifestyle, the social environment, and the parents’ level of responsibility about their kids’ health. One can accurately say that the neurological health of our children is in our own hands.
Of course, we are not talking about children that are born with certain diseases or have been diagnosed as a result of a serious illness.

Since the Care Mobile started operations, the Pediatric Neurologist has been one of the most sought-after specialists.
Our first trip with the Care Mobile was to Aglona. And the neurologist was the first specialist to provide consultations.
Since 2011, the neurologists on our team have provided more than 2,558 consultations.
As per medical regulations, if a region has more than 2,500 people, there should be at least one neurologist there. During our trips we concluded that this requirement is not always followed. Or, to say it more precisely, it is not always possible to get a neurological consultation when needed.
Pediatric Neurology is a sub-speciality, therefore there are no regulations regarding their availability. To get a consultation with a Pediatric Neurologist, funded by the state, one should have a recommendation from a family doctor.
There are 38 Pediatric Neurologists in Latvia, whose consultation fees are covered by the state. Previously, legislation required that every child until the age of one should visit a neurologist. Now, the situation has changed. The majority of consultations are provided by a family doctor, who must also assess the child’s neurological problems.
Until now, there had been a requirement that sub-specialists are located in larger medical facilities or polyclinics. As of 2014, regulations from the Cabinet of Ministers have allowed sub-specialists to provide consultations outside such centers, while still retaining the scope of service and the financial support from the State. We very much hope that now, little patients will have better access to  specialists – thus ensuring timely diagnostics and treatment.
In places where a Pediatric Neurologist is not available or access is difficult, our Care Mobile is ready to provide this service free of charge.
We have provided 3,526 consultations in 2014, and more than 750 of these were from neurologists.

RMHC Latvija Care Mobile cannot solve all the problems connected with Latvian children’s Neurology issues. But we can generate activity around these issues, offer our expertise, and provide specialist advice for improving the situation.The yearly cost for our Neurology Program is 27,000€. We have been able to raise this amount thanks to our friends and supporters in Latvia who believe in our work.
Let’s be healthy! Lets help our children to be happy!

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