RMHC Latvija Care Mobile continues to provide primary medical care to Ukrainian civilians

Since 18th March 2022 the Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvija (RMHC Latvija) Care Mobile program has been providing primary medical care to Ukraine’s civilians. In the 2.5 months assistance has been provided to over 2 500 civilians of Ukraine.   

Since 20th April 2022 the RMHC Latvija Care Mobile in cooperation with Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) has been providing support and emergency medical assistance to refugees and migrants as part of the MMU program providing primary health care and basic therapy to Ukrainian civilians directly affected by restricted access to medical services in Ukraine. 

In Ukraine, Care Mobile is manned by a medical team made up of Ukrainian speaking doctors who provide consultations and therapeutic services to up to 57 people a day. 

The Care Mobile provides primary medical care in the worst affected regions of Kyiv Oblast – Hostomel, Irpin and Bucha, where the services are desperately needed to support the local health structures which has been badly affected by heavy fighting in the area. 

Dr. Oksana Dmytriyeva, member of the Ukrainian parliament, says: “Every day this clinic is treating dozens of patients, they give advice, you can check your blood pressure and sugar levels and so on- and it’s all free of charge! We give you our thanks for helping to maintain the health of our citizens when it’s hard to get to a doctor or a pharmacy right now”.

MOAS’ medical coordinator had this to say: “MOAS is grateful to RMHC Latvia for the addition of this asset to our ongoing operations. It is essential during this devastating crisis not only to provide point of injury and trauma care, but also ensure access to primary healthcare and facilitate access to regular services and essential treatment to those cut off from services as a result of the violence. We have treated hundreds of patients thanks to the generosity of RMHC Latvia and intend to treat thousands more.”

Guna Caune, CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia, says: “We will continue to provide primary medical care to Ukrainian civilians where it is currently unavailable as long as necessary. To ensure proper patient examination, RMHC Latvia has provided the Care Mobile with mobile ECG and ultrasound equipment. Also, in cooperation with Latvia’s regional municipalities, as part of our basic Care Mobile program for children an adolescents in Latvia, we will continue to provide medical specialists’ consultations to Ukrainian children and young Ukrainian athletes who are currently living, learning and training here in Latvia.”