Rimi customers donated 21 724 EUR to the Care Mobile

Donation boxes are available in Rimi stores throughout Latvia year-round, and every Rimi customer can donate and support charity. In 2019, from August 5th till September 28th, Rimi customers had the opportunity to donate to the Care Mobile through Rimi’s donation boxes. This helped us to ensure that doctors from the Children’s Clinical University Hospital could travel to rural regions and provide medical consultations to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to see a doctor in the capital city.

21 724 EUR was donated by Rimi Latvija customers during this campaign! This amount will allow our doctors to provide 835 medical consultations to Latvian children.

We are very pleased that society cares about the health and well-being of Latvian children, and that helping each other has become an integral part of everyday life. Mihails, Sofija, Agate, Silvestrs, and Cecīlija (pictured here) say ‘Thank you for the support’, and so do children and parents from all regions of Latvia.

Together we can do more!