Rimi customers donate 23 233 EUR to the Care Mobile ❣️

Donation boxes are available in Rimi stores throughout Latvia all year round, and every Rimi customer can donate for charity support purposes. From 5 August to 28 September 2019, Rimi customers also had the opportunity to donate to our organisation’s main program – Care Mobile, and thus help us ensure that doctors from the Children’s Clinical University Hospital can travel to the regions and provide medical consultations to children, who otherwise would not have a possibility to see a doctor in the capital. 

At the end of this donation campaign, we got to know that 23 233 EUR is the amount that was donated by Rimi Latvija customers. The money will help us to provide 860 medical consultations to children in Latvia – both in the towns and rural areas. 

The support from society is very important to us and thus we can do so much more. We sincerely thank everyone who donated!!