Bright Carrot

Winter is the time when we think about strengthening of our health and immunity. This it the time, when we pay special attention to the vitamins.

Carrot is one of the brightest autumn vegetables that we can use during the winter, that offers a vitamins to strengthen our health. Its main value is beta carotene, which the human body turns into vitamin A, which is also called the growth vitamin. This vitamin is necessary for vision, good skin and mucous membrane condition. In order to accommodate as best it should be taken with some oil or other source of fat. Therefore, drinking carrot juice is recommended to add a drop of an olive oil.

Carrots as well contain a relatively large amount of calcium. 10 carrots are equivalent to a glass of milk.

And especially for our children it is important, that while eating fresh carrot, process itself is strengthening teeth and gums.

Therefore, we recommend to use this bright and juicy source of vitamin  and stay healthy!

We are glad that small patients of the Care Mobile will receive fresh and healthy carrots throughout the winter thanks to SUNCRISP.

Together we can do more!