RMHC Latvija is a registered charity. And as with the most charities we depend on donations.

On average, to provide full Care Mobile program activities 185 000 Euro are needed each year. As of today, our Care Mobile program has invested more than 500,000 Euros in healthcare for Latvian children.

To provide free healthcare to children all over Latvia, we need your support. We have developed many ways in which you can help, from spreading our message on social networks, to becoming part of our select group of corporate sponsors. Please take a minute to find out more.

Let your bank do the talking

You can also donate directly through your bank account:

Nodibinajums (Charity) “Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvija”
(Reg Nr. 40008121853)
Account #/IBAN: LV88HABA0551019399112
Bank code, BIC/Swift code: HABALV22
Bank address: Balasta dambis 1a, LV-1048, Riga, Latvia
Bank Registration #: 40003074764

Small change = big changes

Have you seen our donation canisters? You can find them in all the McDonald s restaurants in Latvia, at Olympic Casinos, in Radisson Blu hotels in Riga and at DiatomArt Gallery Shop, also in Riga Airport – ATU Duty Free shops. We also have money spinners in shopping malls “Alfa”, “Damme” and “Minska”.

If you can, please put some coins in our canisters. Every cent helps to deliver healthcare to children in Latvia. Don t forget to scan the QR code on the canister and tell your friends about your good deed.

Happy Meal

From every Happy Meal ordered at McDonald’s, 2 cents are donated to RMHC Latvia operations. So enjoy your meal at McDonald’s Restaurant and help us!


The Care Mobile App features the opportunity to donate money to RMHC-Latvija with a simple touch of the screen, and allows the user to share a support message and to “Like” the Official Care Mobile Fan Page on Facebook.

All over Latvia, our partners have donation boxes and door stickers with QR codes. Scanning the codes with our application is entertaining: You can share your generosity on Facebook by scanning the QR codes on the donation box stickers after a donation, and check-in at RMHC-featured locations by scanning the door stickers! There is no required donation for using the app – you can check in and share news for free (but donations are always welcomed!).

You can also use this application to donate through your mobile phone via SMS. Just select an amount to donate and it will go directly to RMHC Latvija; the amount will be charged to your phone s account.

For each and every donation that is received, a child will receive medical services. One day, one town, one child at a time – together we can do more! Share your love for supporting the health care and well-being of children by supporting the RMHC Latvija Care Mobile!

This application provides the main information about the organization as well about 77Agency, the company that created the application.

The official link to download the app is: